What's the difference between commemorative coins and ancient coins? Oct 21 , 2022

What's the difference between commemorative coins and ancient coins?Can they be collected?

COINS is not ancient COINS, this problem belongs to the field of two small, commemorative COINS is a major historical events and characters in honor of a casting, and the ancient COINS is belong to the ancient period of currency in circulation, because it has a certain historical value, so "COINS" and "ancient COINS are has certain collection value!

Most of the coins of this type, "commemorative coin", were cast and issued in modern times, and the reason why "ancient coin" is defined as "ancient coin" is that there is a certain distance from the present time, at least before the end of the Qing Dynasty.

There are still many kinds of "ancient coins". The ancient coins cast in each period have a certain collection value. The only difference is the value.

According to the years long to identify the value of ancient coins, this method is not advisable, take the Han Dynasty five baht money and Northern Song Dynasty coins, most of the value is low.

While most of the copper coins in the Qing Dynasty are more valuable than them. I will not say Xianfeng big money and Yongzheng Tongbao. Shunzhi Tongbao and Kangxi Tongbao are good currencies, with values ranging from ten yuan to 100 yuan.

The value of the "ancient" is second, mainly because of its history and culture, as well as the interests of "COINS" issue is to commemorate some special things and characters such as casting, it can be used and circulated in the currency market, not only have commemorative meaning, also can be used as currency, appropriate collection or can.

One of the most controversial is that some coins of the Republic of China, because they coexist between "ancient coins" and "commemorative coins".

The common ones are: "Commemorative coin of the founding of the Republic of China". This type of commemorative coin has two kinds of materials, one is the silver coin "silver yuan", and the other is the copper coin "copper yuan".

For the favorite "ancient coins", they can be roughly divided into two ways of expression:

1.will it as priceless treasure, give it into the box rating, in a good preservation of the collection, stored in their own treasure house, there is a saying that "money can not be exposed".

2. It as a favorite thing, a little bit of a feeling of love, make it into a string, a locket and so on, there are many friends like to wear it on the key chain, I have seen a lot of this situation.

The second method, I personally think, is not very safe. Since I like ancient coins, I should preserve them well so that their value can be preserved for a longer time.

In the collection process, it is best to collect the complete set type, the collection value will be larger, and there are many imitation products on the market, everyone must carefully identify the authenticity.

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