Meet China and feel different winter Olympics Feb 14

CCTV net news: Beijing Winter Olympic Games each competition passion staged. From Chinese cuisine to smart restaurants, athletes and media from around the world documented their winter Olympics journey.

Janis Spitelli of Malta was a happy moment in a tense halfpipe qualifying competition when she ate a bean bag as she waited for her first jump.

Janice Spitelli: I was too nervous to eat in the morning, so I put the bean bag in my backpack and one in my pocket. After the game, I finally got a bite.

Reporter saw Janice again, she also did not forget to take out two bean bags from the clothes pocket, bite. As the first Maltese athlete to compete in the Winter Olympics, it was a victory for Janis. Her love of Chinese food added a special sweetness to her dream.

Janice Spitelli: I eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is not the only Chinese snack I like best. Do you know sesame balls? Fried, sesame seeds on the outside, bean paste on the inside, so chewy, I could eat 100 of them. Apart from the food, what IMPRESSED me most was the kind and warm-hearted people who were there when you needed them. The Beijing Winter Olympics have brought people together from all over the world.

A robot "chef" in a smart restaurant at the main media center of the Beijing Winter Olympics has become a hot topic for media reporters. Japanese journalists showed how a robot bartender can whip up a delicious cocktail in 90 seconds.

Tomas BUDAK, JOURNALIST, Czech NATIONAL TELEVISION: I have been to this smart restaurant four or five times and every time it was like a science fiction movie.

Andrew HAWTHORNE, SENIOR EXECUTIVE, Sky New Zealand: It's the first time I've ever eaten food cooked by a robot. I think this new technology will make life more efficient and convenient in the future.

In addition to the smart "Chef," journalists are also interested in the futuristic sleeping cabin.

Uta MaG, JOURNALIST, German Sports Journalists Association: This is my 10th Olympics and this smart device is very comfortable. I've never had such an experience before. It's great.

Alyn BUJAK, IOC SERVICE PROVIDER: The operation of the games is very orderly, everything is very well organized. It was an unforgettable experience for me. I would like to return to China with my wife and children. I am sure they will have a very pleasant experience as well.

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