Why the limited edition items are so popular? Nov 05

In this era of scarce attention and a lot of information, if a brand wants to attract users' attention for a long time, it needs to be active in front of it from time to time. No, I see that the marketing strategies adopted by many big brands are either cross-border co-branding, or limited time limit, how to maximize consumer sentiment, and how to implement.

For example, during the June 1st this year, KFC launched a limited edition blind box, because one of the Duck Ducks became a hot commodity, so it was robbed by netizens, and even sold at an astonishing price by a third party; another example, McDonald's Limited cat dens, as well as the peripherals of the Meow Meow potato clip series, etc., are all in the form of limited time and limited restrictions to stimulate user consumption.

So, what kind of limited products can capture the hearts of consumers? And how can we convert pain points or hobbies into selling points, so that consumers are willing to pay? There are many limited marketing methods, which innovative form will attract attention?


Limited products must be innovative

to capture the hearts of consumers

What is innovation? Innovation means creation and freshness/novelty. When the brand image has formed a solidified mode, it is necessary to create a novelty to make it alive. If this fresh new product happens to hit the hearts of the mass consumers, wouldn’t it be the essential purpose of the brand to gain traffic At the same time, it also broke the inherent cognition in the past and stood out with a new image.

The limited products are based on the brand's insight into users and its own innovation ability.

In recent years, the cross-border co-branded new products launched by major brands, as well as the limited-edition new products and peripheral series single products launched by their own brands, have become the favored darlings of netizens with lightning speed.

Take the cat dens launched by McDonald's and KFC as an example. The brand is well aware of the current young people's love for pets, so they have launched hamburger cat dens/barrel cat dens that can be used by cats to play and lie down to sleep, to attract everyone. eyeball.

On the surface, it is not surprising that the brand just launched a cat litter. It is only after deep exploration that the brand has an insight into the inner language of pet lovers, and starts from the pain points of consumers to create products that suit their mood. If the product can be greatly competed by netizens, it will achieve a situation where the brand kills two birds with one stone. .

On the one hand, while gaining the favorability of netizens, the brand's innovative ability was recorded; on the other hand, it subtly narrowed the distance with users and formed a deep imprint.


that consumers are willing to pay for

Either it hits its pain point or it hits its hobby

In this day and age, buying anything is much more convenient. If a product is still willing to buy a product when consumers do not need it urgently, firstly, it hits a pain point in their heart; secondly, it hits their point of interest.

Take one of KFC's limited-edition blind boxes, the Duck, for example. Its popularity is due to various reasons:

Buy a product and get a free blind box gift

For consumers, buying the food they like can not only satisfy their appetite, but also get a favorite gift, which can be said to add a happiness to the original source of happiness. Moreover, for Chinese consumers, buying a commodity can account for the cheapness of a commodity, so why not do it?

Limited time limit can promote consumers' enthusiasm for buying

The limited marketing strategy adopted by the brand is undoubtedly aimed at limited quantity = scarcity, scarcity = preciousness, and the sense of preciousness brought by scarcity promotes consumers' enthusiasm for buying, and buying is earning.

What's more, its brand strategy adopts the form of free gifts when purchasing products, closed-loop creative marketing, which does not suffer for users. For the brand, it not only earns traffic, but also improves the sales conversion rate, which is a win-win situation.

The speed of dissemination in the information age cannot be underestimated

In the information age, the speed at which certain events spread is obvious to all, ranging from individuals to large enterprises. Whether it is creative marketing that is popular among netizens, or complaining about the lack of brand advertising, etc., it will be widely spread in the Internet circle and become a well-known state.

The rapid popularity of Duck Duck is inseparable from the video content distributed by many netizens on social platforms. Coupled with the creative ability of netizens to create content, they have won the traffic password and laid a popular gene.


There are many limited marketing games

These innovative forms will attract attention

In the Internet era, the ways of limited marketing have become diversified, and innovative products that can activate consumers' enthusiasm for purchasing are always defined by the public as high-quality and can be used for reference.

The reason for the high quality of creativity is that product packaging design tends to be high-value, unique in design, and contains some kind of deep meaning.

For example, Coca-Cola, which closely follows the trend of the Metaverse and launched the "Rhythm Cube", combines the elements of the times and the brand, and makes limited products that integrate youth and brand attributes, so as to stir the hearts of young people who love the trend. , so that it can improve the brand conversion rate, increase the brand's activity in the social field, and increase the exposure.

Another example is the Renyin Tiger Year Collection Edition launched by Nongfu Spring, which expresses its blessings for the Year of the Tiger and the New Year, as well as its respect for ecological nature.

In addition, there are Starbucks, GUCCI, etc., all of which use the elements of the Year of the Tiger as creative highlights, so that the new products limited to the Year of the Tiger are known to the mass consumers and deepen their impression of the brand.

Many innovative forms of limited marketing are all in the direction of keeping up with the trend of the times, consumers' hobbies and needs are the creative points, and limited and limited new products that integrate appearance and quality are made, so that consumers can buy goods. It can also get the benefits of its added value. Only when consumers are happy to consume can increase the customer acquisition rate for the brand. As for which form is more favored by users, it depends on the personal preferences of consumers.

The mode of marketing with limited time, limited location and limited location has ushered in its explosive period and growth period in the Internet era. Brands can make good use of limited marketing, which will bring a steady stream of customer traffic to the brand.

It’s just that limited marketing will be defined as a leek harvester. Only the brand itself knows that if mass production and marketing are not in place, sales will be unsatisfactory. If the limited form is used, consumers will be eager to move about the product and achieve the effect of high sales. Why not? . As a result, the benefits of limited marketing for the brand are obvious to all.

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