Customized creative key chain to the area of vaccination of the elderly May 17

"Ding, ding, ding." Yesterday morning, Uncle Jiang Pengcheng walked into the Yang Qi dormitory, the bell on his hand attracted the attention of the old neighbors. "Old Jiang, what's that noise in your hand?" "I just got vaccinated. The community gave me a key chain, and look, it says' vaccinated 'on it." With these words, Uncle Jiang held up his key chain.

In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of the elderly vaccination, Fuyunmen Community of Wenfeng Street, Guangling District customized more than 1,000 creative key chains and gave them to the elderly who participated in the vaccination.

Yesterday morning, Grandpa Jiang took the initiative to contact the community for vaccination. Huang Yue, a grid worker, and volunteers drove him to the vaccination site by electric tricycle, registration, inoculation and observation. Huang Yue accompanied him all the time and presented him with a key chain of "vaccinated".

"Does it hurt?" Facing the old neighbor's question, Uncle Jiang said happily, "It doesn't hurt at all. I was a little nervous, but it feels good to have the community around you. Go play, too. It's good for you and your family."

After listening to uncle Jiang's propaganda, those who had not been vaccinated said they would get vaccinated immediately.

"Yangqi dormitory is dominated by senior citizens, many of whom do not have or cannot use smartphones. Communities are encouraged to participate in vaccination by giving away 'vaccinated' key chains." Introduction by Huang Yue. At present, the key chain collection has been extended to the whole community, many young people also come to collect.

"I go out with a 'vaccinated' key chain, which is both a souvenir and a flyer about the benefits of vaccination, killing two birds with one stone. Grandma Liu Cuilan, 70, said happily.

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